How do you find the right personal trainer for you?

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If you’re looking to take your training to the next level, perfect your technique or get a killer training plan, a personal trainer can help! But where do you start? We asked personal trainer Sally from Me Movement about what to look for and the key things to consider before you get started!

Picking a personal trainer is like picking your desired brew (tea, coffee, matcha, chai or any other fancy morning drink). It has to appeal to your needs! Remember, you are always going to order that beverage so you might as well pick one that you really enjoy and see yourself coming back for more. Ok, enough with the beverage analogies, how do you find a potential trainer and what do you ask them before starting?

Here are my top five things to consider before getting a trainer:

1. What do you want?
What do you want out of this relationship? Would you like to get ready for a wedding? Are you wanting to get leaner and stronger? Do you just want to get fit and learn how to use the equipment correctly without feeling like you are a part of a new Facebook meme?

2. Commitment
Trainers are great because they have the tools to help you reach those health and fitness goals, but you need to have the big WHY that drives you. What’s going to get you up in the morning to train, what is that thing that is going to get you off the couch and away from Netflix?

3. Get a base
This means before you embark on this amazing journey, go to your local GP and get a blood test done and your blood pressure checked and recorded. This will give you an amazing point of reference after 12 weeks or even 6-12 months.

4. Due diligence
Find out the trainer’s qualifications. They should have a certificate III and IV in Fitness as well as First Aid, CPR and insurance. It doesn’t hurt to do a bit of a google search. Check out their Instagram page and find out what their clients say. Testimonials are a great way to get an insight on what the tribe of the trainer is like.

5. Conversation
Have a conversation with the trainer, a lot of the time you will get to know a lot about someone by meeting up with them and having a coffee. Trainers are human, too. They got into the industry to help you look and feel good. How honourable is that?

Sally and her personal training clients

Sally from Me Movement

It may seem overwhelming, but if you follow the steps it will definitely make you more comfortable in making the decision to get some help to propel your health and fitness into the stratosphere.

How do you find a great trainer? Well you don’t have to look too far to find one (yep, I’m the personal trainer behind Me Movement) but you can also jump onto sites like Meet Your Personal Trainer, Fit Finder Australia or Fitness Australia.

Once you have found your personal trainer, then all you need to bring with you is a willingness to learn and let the professional guide you on this journey. Just make sure you ask plenty of questions because the more you ask the more knowledge you will gain.

A great personal trainer is always learning and up-skilling, spending thousands of dollars on their craft. So what does that mean for you? It means you get pure and filtered information about how to hit your own goals and maintain them long term at a third of the cost. How hectic is that? So, stop thinking about it and do it. Do you know anyone who regretted investing in themselves and gaining more knowledge? Thought so!

If you want to take a sneak peak at what your personal trainer does, check out my YouTube link: Meet Your Personal Trainer: Episode 1.

Sally is the founder of Me Movement, a program that incorporates both movement and mindset training to help clients reach their goals. Sally has over ten years experience in the fitness industry and has a Bachelor of Exercise Science. If you want to learn more about Sally’s program and book in for a ME Consult, visit me-movement.com.au. You can also check out Me Movement on Facebook and Instagram.

POSTED BY: Anthea England

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