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10.01.14 Learn, Play Blog SumoSalad

I hope you all enjoyed your Chrissy and New Year. I really made the most of my time off with family and mates, and was impressed with my efforts to stick to my tips in my last post; even though I might have dropped the ball on a few occasions. Hard not to!

On the last day of my trip to the US for the NY marathon, the new Nike Fuel Band was launched. It’s an all-day activity monitor bracelet that tracks your daily steps and rewards you for keeping active. It also allows you to track your exercise sessions and intensity.

It would have been really handy to have this for the marathon, so I decided to give my Sumo Team one each for a Chrissy pressie. It’s a great way for the team to start the year off motivated to stay healthy and improve their overall fitness.

To keep things interesting and to encourage a bit of healthy competition at Sumo HQ, I have decided to give away prizes each month to the most active team members.

This band is great for everyday use so you can ensure you’re burning enough kJ’s each day, but its particularly good for exercising as you can keep track of your progress as it has a inbuilt measurement tool to so you can try and beat your record each time you exercise. I’ve been using mine every morning whilst I do my daily soft sand run at Coogee Beach.

It’s a brand new year, bring on 2014 & remember it’s important to set yourself targets now for the year ahead.

POSTED BY: Luke Baylis

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