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Erin Holland understands the importance of nourishing your body to keep up with a gruelling schedule. Like, really understands. The Miss World Australia alumni is a highly sought-after actress, model, singer, MC and ambassador with an action-packed itinerary to match her on-the-go lifestyle. Today she shares how a flexitarian diet fuels her daily commitments, from being in front of the camera to stretching in the yoga studio…

“You’d be forgiven for being confused as to what the latest and greatest diet regime sweeping the world is at the present. In the age of the information overload, what is the RIGHT choice? What is really GOOD for us?

I believe that life is all about balance. It’s about making the most of the time we have been given, with the people we love. Our own personal balance. It’s for this reason I’ve adopted my favourite food regime that really works for me – the FLEXITARIAN lifestyle!!

My lifestyle is flexible in every sense of the word. No two days are the same for me – my job requires a lot of domestic and international travel, often with very little warning. At one point this year, I had spent 120+ hours on planes in only two months!!!! This makes a regular routine incredibly difficult, and whilst you’ll never hear me complaining, (I LOVE MY JOB!) I’ve had to become incredibly flexible and adaptable to my personal and professional life in order to cope. For ages, I didn’t have an exact name for how I approached my diet and exercise regime. I’d often respond to interview questions on how I keep fit and healthy by saying things like:

– “I always try to make the healthiest option for the circumstance, but if my friends are going out for Thai, I’m 100% down!”

– “I try to go to the gym every day, but if work/life doesn’t allow for it for a couple days, I won’t beat myself up about it – there are so many ways to get active incidentally!”

– “I had a chicken salad for lunch, so I’ll opt for a Vegetarian Stirfry with brown rice for dinner to break up my meat consumption.”

Therefore, when I stumbled across the word flexitarian, it immediately resonated with me. It’s all about consciously making an effort to live a happy and healthy life, yet still enjoying the delicious things in moderation. Banning foods has always been a dangerous move for me – nothing makes me crave something more than knowing I can’t have it!

This no guilt, a flexitarian lifestyle has helped me to easily reduce things like processed carbohydrates, alcohol and meat consumption, whilst never really feeling like I’m missing out on anything. I’ve all but cut alcohol out of my diet because the sugar fiend in me just can’t go past the chocolate brownie on a dinner date. It’s all about balance people :)!

Flexitarianism has been a dream to adopt into my life because eating healthy really is so easy to do here in Australia – not to mention totally delicious when you do it right! As someone who is on a plane at least once a week, with no regular schedule to speak of, places like SumoSalad are at the top of my list for a delicious, affordable, nutrient-packed healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner option on the run. From their Green Goddess Grain Bowl (think grilled free-range chicken, brown rice & quinoa, baby spinach, avocado, broccoli, cucumber, fresh mint & pepita seeds and sesame dressing) to the vegetarian Falafel & Hummus Bowl (toasted falafel with kaleslaw, lentils, chickpeas, roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, seeded mustard dressing and creamy hummus), I am always left feeling satiated after indulging in a power-packed meal from Sumo! (HOT TIP: I highly recommend you go check out Sumo’s amazing new Spring Menu here – the options are endless!!)

My body thrives when I give it the proper nutrients it needs and deserves. I’m more energised, focused, less irritable and ready to take on the world. You really don’t know how good your body is designed to feel until you nourish it naturally…so give Flexitarian a go, you won’t be disappointed!” – Erin Holland


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