Dr Zac’s 6 Flexitarian Superfoods You Need To Start Eating today!

09.11.17 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

Superfoods: Popular wellness buzz word and often a source of confusion for many Aussies. What are superfoods really, and why do we need them? Sumo’s medical guru Dr Zac explains it all…

Whilst there is no official definition of what makes a food a ‘super-food’, there is a general consensus that a superfood must contain high levels of nutrients and must be rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants….but what the heck does that mean?

Well, antioxidants are known for their ability to fight against the harmful oxidative effect of free radicals, hence their name antioxidants.  Oxidative free radicals are all around us.  We have oxidative stress when we walk, talk, eat and drink.  These little buggers are what ages us, decreases the collagen in our skin and bodies thereby making us look and feel old, they damage our DNA and contribute to the development of heart disease, cancer and dementia.

Enter our antioxidants-packed superfoods!

Now, an occasional food item is not going to provide you with the well-rounded ‘super’ diet that you or I need to go about our normal life (let alone turn us into a more fabulous version of Mr Incredible or Popeye). It’s important to consistently include a range of superfoods into your daily diet to feel the full effects and enjoy the health benefits. Think locally grown, ethically sourced, farm-fresh produce (just like the fruit and veggies at SumoSalad!). The combination of a flexitarian diet and plenty of natural superfoods will see you reaching physical and mental peaks you never imagined!

So here are the top choices and I hope will be a pleasant surprise as one doesn’t need to spend a lot or any more to have a full well rounded super diet.  The foods have been chosen as you will see on their merit of: cost, antioxidant potency, taste, phytochemicals, ease of use, satiating and some other health benefits; so read on to discover my 6 Flexitarian Superfoods You Need To Start Eating today!

Not only are these cheap, readily available and easy to use but they also contain large amounts of both soluble (good for feeling full) and insoluble (good for reducing cholesterol) fibre.  Along with this high levels of beta-glucan which is considerable evidence would suggest can also assist to lower high levels of cholesterol including some blood thinning qualities, it’s no wonder oats are a great way to kick-start your day. Tip: Enjoy delicious oats in our Sumo Breaky Bowls!

With their low GI (glycaemic index – the speed at which you get the sugar spike following food), high levels of vitamins and trace minerals, ability to significantly reduce your LDL cholesterol as well as improving your bowel health, beans are a great morning or lunchtime snack to keep you focused and satiated throughout the day.

What a great root! Ginger has a long history of many ancient cultures for having medicinal qualities that can help with reflux, bloating, fatigue, malaise, rheumatism and much more.  Recent studies have shown that it can also help to protect against some types of cancer (especially bowel) and boost our immunity. It is good to note that all things in moderation as there are many cases of people becoming unwell from too much. Tip: Cure a cold by sipping grated ginger in hot water

The health-promoting properties of broccoli are attributed to its isothiocyanates compounds, which are thought to have potent disease and cancer prevention capabilities.  One of the interesting things about many vegetables, including broccoli and tomato, is that they’re better for you together than eaten alone with these two magnifying their anti-cancer properties.  This is due to many foods aiding the absorption and digestion of others such as vitamin C containing foods increase the absorption of iron. Tip: Try these guys in a range of Sumo dishes

Avocado added to most salads is delicious and nutritious helping to increase absorption of many foods as well. Be sure to eat plenty of vegetables including your broccoli and other leafy greens like kale, spinach, cabbage and other dark vegetables raw occasionally (as cooking or steaming can destroy many of their super qualities. Tip: Try our Thai Chicken Grain Bowl packed with avo!

Sweet potato and squash are great due to their high levels of fibre, vitamin A and they’re so naturally delicious that they can be eaten without any sweeteners.

Dr Zac – This Is How I Flex from SumoSalad on Vimeo.


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