Sumo Spring Flexitarian Star Dr Zac: Why He Leads A Flexitarian Lifestyle!

14.09.17 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

Australian medical personality Dr Zac tells us why he leads a flexitarian lifestyle and how this new way of eating can increase your life expectancy!

The word Flexitarian is a combination of two words: flexible and vegetarian. It’s a way of eating to get the health benefits of a vegetarian diet with the flexibility of being able to have meat and not follow quite as strict a diet. It focuses on minimizing your meat intake without having to exclude it altogether.

There are a range of health benefits to reducing our meat and dairy intake. A recent Harvard study showed that swapping meat and full-fat dairy (saturated fat-rich foods) with plant based equivalents such as legumes, nuts and seeds (rich in polyunsaturated fat) can reduce the risk of heart disease by 19%. A study over 26 years, published in 2006 showed that people eating processed eating were 21% more likely to have cardiovascular disease, 16% for cancer compared to those that didn’t consume processed meat. An estimate was made that if the study group had eaten half as much meat, deaths in the group would have declined by 9.3% for men and 7.6% for women.

Talk about some amazing statistics!


Many meat eaters think they’ll have to cut out meat all together…this is definitely not the case as you are able to pick and choose what you would like to eat without having to follow a strict meal plan!

You can add loads of different food to your diet to substitute for meats most people need to reduce their intake of – such as red meat, mushrooms, lentils, beans, legumes, rocket beets spinach, nuts and seeds! These are just a few natural foods that can substitute for your meat intake. Not only will they help you hit your daily protein requirements, they are low in fat and cholesterol and are packed with nutrients.

There are many benefits to embracing a flexitarian diet: The strong connection between consuming less meat/eating a plant based diet resulting in boosting your chances of lengthening life. It’s also easily adaptable to aid in weight control plans as going flexitarian will lower your carbohydrate intake and making weight more manageable.

Following this diet will give you more energy, make you feel better and help you live longer and is flexible enough to benefits all ages and fitness levels. That’s why Sumo’s Spring menu is so fantastic, it’s got something for everyone no matter what stage you’re at.

PS. My personal favourite? The Falafel & Hummus Salad Bowl. Share your favourite flexitarian meal on social with the hashtag #thisishowiflex so we can all get inspired together, Australia!


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