DIY Care Kits to Brighten Someone’s Day

19.05.15 Learn Blog SumoSalad

Part of experiencing homelessness can often mean that you are not able to afford what many of us would regard as essential items, like toothpaste, deodorant or tissues. Your priorities shift to pure survival.

Many people are hesitant to give money directly to people they see on the streets, however another way you can help is by assembling a care kit including basic toiletries, or even some other goodies like new socks or a notepad for drawing and writing which can be a luxury for people who have very little.

These care kits can either be given directly to people, or dropped off to a shelter in your area.


Care kit assembled by team SumoSalad to be given out at Vinnies Night Patrol. Our kit included a few essentials, some comfort items and some sweets.

We asked Vinnies NSW what their shelters regularly supply and the main need is for personal hygiene & basic first aid items.

With Vinnies assistance, we have put together the following checklist for items you may wish to pick up and distribute. You may choose as many items as you wish to include. We have not included any food items in this checklist as this can be a sensitive issue for many people due to allergies and personal taste. If you wish to include a snack, we recommend a fresh piece of soft fruit (eg. banana) or a non-perishable sugary treat to provide plenty of energy & which is soft to eat.

You can pack your kit in any of these items, which also double as handy essentials:

  • Plastic Zip Lock Bag
  • Reusable shopping bag
  • Backpack

TIP: It’s important to remember to respect people’s preferences when choosing items with a fragrance. If you do not wish to create kits for separate genders, make sure you select unscented toiletries when picking a deodorant or moisturiser.



This checklist is intended to be included with your kit when it is handed out & also includes a small inspirational quote. You may wish to also add some more quotes of your own to give some hope and inspiration to people doing it tough this winter.

We’d love to see your progress if you decide to take up this initiative! Please share photos with us on instagram using #heatupthestreet, or let us know your experiences at sumosociety@sumosalad.com

As part of our partnership with Vinnies this winter, we are putting together a variety of ways you can help people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage this winter. It’s easy to donate in-store at SumoSalad, online or through our #heatupthestreet campaign. Prefer not to donate with cash? You can also help out by having a conversation.


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