How to Ditch the Snooze Button in 2015

05.01.15 Learn, Play Blog SumoSalad

It’s the first day back to work of the New Year for many of us and no doubt you’re becoming reacquainted with our old frenemy, the snooze button.

The thought of waking up as soon as the alarm goes off is a struggle for many of us, as we resent the demand to get out of bed and beg for those 10 extra minutes of peace. While we enjoy the peace of this little snooze however, it isn’t actually particularly helpful for our health! By hitting snooze you are actually fragmenting your sleep, making you more moody, lead to cognitive problems and cause trouble paying attention.

Want to try and resolve that and become a bit more morning friendly? You can give up the snooze button however and wake up more easily each day by following a few easy steps.


  1. Get Enough Sleep
    Many of us are needing that extra snooze because we haven’t actually had enough sleep to begin with, which we all know is crucial to health. If you aren’t sleeping enough, your alarm is waking you up at the wrong time in your sleep cycle, making you extra cranky and interrupting that awesome dream you were having while in REM. Make sure you stick to a consistent bedtime which will allow you to get the right amount of zzz’s that your require (around 7.5 hours for adults). Similarly, oversleeping can also make you extra tired, so don’t get too much or too little (it’s a fine balance, like most things in life).
  2. Engage Your Senses
    Stimulating your senses can help make the process of waking up much more pleasant. Think about keeping your blinds slightly open to allow the sunlight to help you wake up more gradually, or smell can also be very powerful, like coffee being freshly brewed (this is where a partner or housemate that wakes before you could be helpful!).
  3. Forced Movement
    Move your alarm out of reach so you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Even better, purchase a moving alarm clock like this one and really get yourself moving. You’ll be more likely to stay up if you’re already out of bed.

Worst case scenario: set several seperate alarms with 10 minute intervals and dismiss them instead of snoozing. Less guilt, same effect!


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