Sumo Spring Flexitarian Star Commando Steve: Take Charge Of Your Life This Spring!

20.09.17 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

One of Australia’s most recognised and respected Health and Fitness experts, Commando Steve is dedicated helping people become the best they can be. Today he shares how to take charge of your life by embracing a flexitarian lifestyle this Spring.

“Spring is a great time of year to take charge and put your best foot forward to express the best version of yourself. With the weather warming up that means the layers come off and I’m sure you will all agree we want to feel and look our best.

The question is how do we do this? My approach is through the thought process of “Better from Worse”. It requires a disciplined approach that asks us to make the choice in the present moment that nurtures and enables us to express the best version in the present moment.

As this is the only moment there is, every little decision made counts: from drinking a glass of water in place of a soft drink,  going for a 30min walk rather than sitting around procrastinating or going to bed an hour or two earlier is what we need to cultivate a new found way of doing things and being the better version of ourselves.

Setting goals and carving out a sound plan sets the foundation and provides a framework that guides and hold us accountable to the process and reminds us of our choices when they present themselves.

Best intentions aside, things don’t always go according to plan and the key is to remain flexible, from your food to your fitness. This is why I follow SumoSalad’s flexitarian lifestyle, it recognises that things aren’t always going to be smooth sailing, there is going to be hiccups along the way and that’s alright. It’s all part of the journey

Remember change is inevitable and it’s our ability to roll with the punches whilst remaining committed to our goals and decision to embrace and express the best version of ourselves; starting this Spring and moving forward for the remainder of our lives.” – Commando Steve

So go on Australia, try out the biggest lifestyle trend sweeping the nation and feel the life-changing difference today! Our new Spring menu celebrates all the flexible benefits of a diet packed with nutrients, busting with flavour and rich in versatility: flexitarian is the way of the future!

Download the My Sumo app for iPhone here and Android here to check out our flexitarian menu and get an instant $5 credit for your next Sumo!


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