Celebrating SumoSalad’s 100th Australian Store

21.07.14 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad
Luke Baylis - back in the day

Luke Baylis – back in the day

Back in 2003, after day one of opening the first SumoSalad store, I didn’t know what would be ahead of me. A total of 4 customers had curiously poked their noses into the new store that day, intrigued by this brave new concept of healthy fast food.

It wasn’t the most promising start to an empire and I was starting to wonder whether it had been wise to pour all my life savings into the project.

Luckily, those 4 people had been completely convinced by the idea and they came back for more, this time with their friends. And then those friends came back with their friends. And after 3 months there were queues 50-60 people deep, our salad tongs were moving swiftly and we were bursting at the seams with salad and energy. We needed to expand.

Now we are about to open our 10oth Australian store in Melbourne Central after an amazing 11 years in business with stores spanning the globe and an unimaginable number of delicious salads served.

Despite this growth, the reasons I started Sumo in first place haven’t changed – I still want Sumo to be the nutritious, filling fast food alternative to all the junk food out there.

But for Sumo the mission hasn’t ended. Sumo is not content with merely changing the eating habits of the nation. Nope, we want to change food. We want people to think about every aspect of how food is consumed; how it makes them feel, where the leaves grow, how the chickens live, how the food gets to the store and what happens to the packaging once your satisfying salad has been consumed. We want to be a healthy fast food franchise with a heart.

So in the words of the fantastically named Fatboy Slim ‘we’ve come a long, long way together’, but we would love you to join us on the next great Sumo adventure into epic salads.

Oh and if you are one of those first 4 amazing customers, I’d be happy to buy you a cold-pressed juice some time!

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