Want your employees to go back to work feeling fresh and alert after a catered lunch? How about having guests leave your next function feeling good and guilt-free?

Then don’t serve soggy sandwiches, party pies and hot dogs at your next event.  SumoSalad’s catering service provides healthy, high quality, fresh and filling food for any occasion.  So get in touch and let us do the hard work so you can concentrate on more important things for your next party or function.

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You can now order and pay for catering for collection online.
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Fuel Greatness in your training courses, meetings and events

Do you want to energise and fuel your training courses, meetings, workshops and conferences with greatness. What better way to do that than to replace high sugar, high salt, highly refined or processed low nutrition offerings with fresh, tasty, filling, healthy whole food from SumoSalad

‘The catering on Friday was fabulous!  The first time I’ve seen everyone excited and raving about the food.  Usually we get complaints but the food became a highlight of the classes.’  Rebekah Campbell, CEO Zambesi

Prepared by our expert chefs, packed with flavour and sourced from sustainable ingredients, our SUMO-sized Catering Boxes and Platters are healthy, filling and tasty, and will boost productivity and brain power! We call this Fuelling Greatness ® .

Research shows that food plays a major role not just in supporting physical health, but in mental health too. Help your attendees remain engaged and focused throughout the session by feeding them high quality, whole food ingredients – vegetables, salads, wholegrains and lean proteins.

Our SumoSalad catering food and beverage packages have been designed to suit a huge range of training courses, workplace meetings and community events. We cater for all dietary requirements and can personalise menus for individual preferences.

‘Our training programmes are very intense days where we share a lot of life-changing information to help our students become better speakers and masters of communication. It’s crucial that we sustain their attention, energy and focus. A key part of this is what we feed our students throughout the day. We cater our training programmes by working with SumoSalad to fuel our attendees with fresh, tasty and filling salads and meals made from sustainable ingredients. By feeding people’s minds and bodies with great information and ingredients, we can ensure we are making a difference and transforming lives.’ Jodie Spiteri-James, Programs Director speakersinstitute.com.au

To Fuel Greatness for your next training course, meeting or event order now!




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