• 21.02.19 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

    How to Get Results

    Thousands of people every year make a New Year’s resolution to be more active or lose weight but by the end January have given up because they just haven’t seen the results they were hoping for.   Timo Topp is back again and he thinks he knows why, take it away Timo….. Many people set themselves […]

  • 20.12.18 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

    Tips for Christmas Food Safety From the Food Safety Information Council

    It’s great to get together with family and friends over Christmas and the summer holidays but it can also be a risky time for food poisoning. Rachelle Williams, Food Safety Information Council Chair, said the risk of food poisoning increases around Christmas time as we enjoy entertaining more and the weather gets warmer, which can […]

  • 19.12.18 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

    How to Bulletproof Your Nutrition During the Holidays

    Sally Strengf is back and this time she’s joined by SumoSalad Chief Customer Officer, Lawrence Mitchell, to discuss some ways to get through the holiday period and not feel defeated by over eating and indulgence.  Some takeaways from the clip: • Stick to your regular exercise routine (go for a big walk, run or […]

  • 17.12.18 Learn, Play Blog SumoSalad

    Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

    Need a last minute Christmas gift?  Our friends at Inner Origin have some crackers, check out our picks.   Sheer Shea – Body butter | $29.95 A creamy, rich moisturising butter to deeply hydrate and soothe the skin. 100% certified organic shea butter extracted straight from the source of The Nile. Packed with therapeutic nutrients […]

  • 12.12.18 Eat, Grow, Learn, Play Blog SumoSalad

    How to Stay Healthy in the Silly Season

    Timo Topp is back to give us more topp tips on how to stay healthy at Christmas.  Take it away Timo…… It’s that time of year when our well-intentioned healthy habits slip because of all those corporate events resulting in excessive eating and drinking. So how do we go about maintaining some sumo sanity and […]


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