• Mexican breakfast bowl
    17.07.19 metabolism Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

    What is metabolism and can you boost it?

    So, what is metabolism anyway? It’s a word that’s so often mentioned, but the meaning is kind of elusive. Is it a genetic thing you’re born with? Does it make you lose or gain weight? Can you really fire it up with a spicy curry or stacks of coffee? We quizzed nutritionist Ashleigh James to […]

  • Nutritionist portrait with vegetables
    20.06.19 nutritionist Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

    We chat to nutritionist Ashleigh James

    With so much confusion and misinformation around nutrition, we’re always striving to sort fact from fiction. Enter: nutritionist Ashleigh James. Ashleigh is our go-to source for all things food and nutrition. She has a refreshingly balanced approach, offering up easy to integrate tips and tricks to help you upgrade your daily diet. Today on the […]

  • Woman stretching outdoors
    18.06.19 Learn, Play Blog SumoSalad

    Do you need to stretch after a workout?

    Are you one of the people who sneaks out of the gym classes before the final stretches? We’ve often been taught that skipping the stretch before and after a workout is an exercise crime. However, if you’re short on time – can you give it a miss? In fact, do you need to stretch after […]

  • Woman running outdoors
    05.06.19 fitnessworkouts Learn, Play Blog SumoSalad

    Do you really need to change up your workouts?

    So many of us are creatures of habit – both in life and when it comes to workouts. You might run every day, smash multiple spin classes or live in the weights room, but shudder at the thought of pilates, barre or boxing. Or perhaps you do the same combination of classes every week without […]

  • Breathe meditation
    14.05.19 meditation Learn Blog SumoSalad

    The beginner’s guide to meditation

    No longer an alternative practice, meditation has well and truly propelled into the mainstream. Everyone from school kids to Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are experiencing the benefits, like less stress, more focus and some blissful relief from the overstimulation that plagues us in the digital age. In time for World Meditation Day on May 21, we […]

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