Wellness Warrior Caroline Groth: Fuelling Greatness With 4 Healthy Habits That Changed My Life!

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Caroline Høgh Groth is one of Australia’s most-loved wellness warriors; an inspirational cancer survivor, expert yogi, foodie, meditation lover and health advocate based in Bondi Beach and spreading her message of health and happiness across the globe. After determinedly fighting to beat her own overwhelming health obstacles, Caroline is passionate about helping others to discover strong health and wellness through flexitarian food, exercise and emotional wellbeing.

Today she chats to Sumo about Fuelling Greatness® with 4 healthy habits that changed her life…

I started doing training that I actually enjoyed
For far too many years, I would force myself to do different types of exercises simply because it was ‘the newest craze’ or because I knew I’d burn loads of calories to make up for the packet of chocolate I downed yesterday. Now, I’m 28, I finally feel like I’ve made my peace with training. I’ve managed to reel in that inner-judge, and focus on what I genuinely love to do in order to move my body and break a sweat. Perhaps it comes with age and realising what’s actually important in this lifetime, perhaps it comes from diving deeper into my spirituality and focusing on feeling good. My routine at the moment is a mix of high-intensity training, pilates, yoga and weight-circuits. I’m really thriving off it, and I don’t ever feel like it’s a drag to go to a class or get up when my alarm goes off at 5.45am in the morning, because I actually have fun doing these classes and pushing myself.

My advice: Find a few different types of training or sports you truly love doing. It’ll keep you in a steady training routine and you’ll see results on your body and mind a lot quicker.

Focusing on a plant-based diet and cutting down on meat
You may not know but I used to be vegan many years ago. I let that go, because I felt like it didn’t function for my body any longer. Now, I eat vegetarian at most meals, however I do supplement with fish and on the rare occasion, chicken. However, the main component in all my meals will be made up of fresh, vibrant vegetables. I normally steam or light stir-fry my vegetables, as my tummy doesn’t like to digest too many raw vegetables. The result? A much better gut, by cutting out heavy meats that your body is working overtime to digest, clearer skin, better sleep and brighter, whiter eyes are just some of the things that cutting out meat helped me with.

My advice: Start small. Start by cutting out meat one-two times per week and then continue if you’re serious about wanting to eat a more plant-based diet. Just remember to get your protein from elsewhere, like eggs, fish, legumes, seeds, oils, protein powders and more.

Sumo advice: Try our incredible range of made-to-order and deli Grain Bowls, salads, wraps, soups and pasta options to get you started!

Learning how to meditate
I became a Vedic Meditator under Jeff Kober in LA last year, and my world really did change since learning this ancient practice that involves the use of a mantra and is practiced for 20 minutes twice per day while sitting with one’s eyes closed. I will meditate upon waking in the morning before my day starts, and I will sit in stillness and meditate in the afternoon. Since learning how to meditate, I’ve found that my anxiety and stress-levels have diminished significantly. It’s almost as if it’s an escape from ‘reality’, but not in the sense that you are running away from your problems. You are in fact settling into a restful alertness where you connect with your true level of being. The place where you make way for the larger self, your truth, so that I can once again breathe and experience life as a place of joy and possibilities.

My advice: If you’re interested in learning more about your truth, your self, your higher consciousness, then I suggest signing up to a free intro-talk at a meditation-centre or with a teacher. Ask friends or people who you know are meditators, where they recommend to go. It’s a very personal matter, and therefore the person they connect you with, may not connect with yourself in the same manner. Follow your heart and your gut-feel.

Incorporating a daily vitamin and supplement regime
Now, I don’t have a certification in nutrition, naturopathy or anything in that area, but what I do have, is many years experience of what has worked on my body, and through my years of playing sports, working within the health industry and doing loads of research. I’ve found myself a great vitamin and supplements regime that really works wonders for me and has changed my life. First of all, I’ve been able to combine my own mix of vitamins, herbs and superfoods in order to heal my very sensitive gut. It’s taken a lot of trial and error, but I finally feel like I’m onto something. Along with this, I also take a whole heap of other vitamins and supplements – in total, I take about 12-14 different pills and powders daily to heal my system and help me have the very best body.

We are all different so you don’t need to take as many as I do. You should go and get a check-up to see if you’re lacking in any vitamins and minerals to start with. I’m obsessed with trying new things and figuring out how to bring my body the maximum amount of nutrition through food and supplements.

My advice: Start with a daily multivitamin and if you’re a woman, then I’d also do an additional iron vitamin. Then gradually build up areas you’re concerned about; i.e. take probiotics if you have digestive problems, collagen for better hair and nails etc.

I truly hope you can take some of my personal learnings, and incorporate them into your lives to see if they’ll have the same effect on you!

XO,Caroline Høgh Groth

If you want to read more of Caroline’s Work head to her website here or follow her on Instagram here


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