Are You Our Next SumoStar? Calling All Flexitarians!

27.07.17 Grow, Learn, Play Blog SumoSalad

Thanks to everyone who sent there nominations in to be our next Flexitarian star! We are pleased to announce the first of our flexitarian stars!

Because we had so many fabulous entries, we’ve decided to extend our deadline one more week! Get your entries in before August 11, and be ready to get to Sydney at the end of August and you could be joining Angela, Josephine and Lettie!

What does Flexitarian mean?

Being a Flexitarian means you are pretty flexible with your diet, choosing balance and moderation over extremes. You usually eat a lot of greens, love your fruit and veggies, and on the whole live a pretty healthy lifestyle. But, you don’t restrict yourself from indulging in those chilli cheese fries, a bacon burger, or a triple-chocolate sundae every now and then when the occasion calls for it.

And, you are probably the healthiest among us all! Which is why we want to hear from you. Do you have three vegan days a week, but then hit up the $10 steak night? Are you a boot camp faithful while also getting in those precious minutes to meditate daily? Or maybe you just have a fun and creative way you share your food with your loved ones; whatever it is we want to know!

Tell us how you ‘flex’ and you could be the star of our Spring campaign. Your story could be told on Instagram and Facebook, starring alongside some of the biggest names in the Australian wellness, business and entertainment space. You will also win six months’ worth of free SumoSalad!

Tell us with words, photos or videos how you #flex and we’ll fly you to Sydney to be part of our campaign shoot.

Send your entries to editor@sumosalad.com by August 11, 2017.



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