How to Bulletproof Your Nutrition During the Holidays

19.12.18 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

Sally Strengf is back and this time she’s joined by SumoSalad Chief Customer Officer, Lawrence Mitchell, to discuss some ways to get through the holiday period and not feel defeated by over eating and indulgence.

Some takeaways from the clip:

• Stick to your regular exercise routine (go for a big walk, run or go to the gym)

• Have a plan of what you will be eating, ie 2 alcoholic beverages but make sure you eat whole foods and a lot of green. Fibre makes you full and slows the digestion of food so bulk up on this. Make sure you bulk up on plant based fibre #sumosalad

• Make sure you stay hydrated and drink water

• Start your morning off with a fast (if that works for you) because if you are like me and visit multiple parties you will be consuming and snacking the whole day

• Be kind to yourself, if you eat well 80-90% of the time 1 or 2 pieces of cake will not ruin you.


My name is Sally and I help everyday people achieve exceptional results in movement mindset and health. I need to be serious with you, I never really wanted to be a personal trainer even though I completed my Bachelor of Exercise Science and I loved fitness. I went straight into injury management and then into HR but I soon realised a pattern, people were getting sick at a really young age and that affected their work and ultimately job security. So I made it my life mission to help you love exercise and change the trajectory of your health. I practice what I preach and I make exercise like a daily prayer because it makes me look and feel good. Throughout my 10 year experience in the health and fitness industry I realised a pattern, we all want to look and feel good about ourselves.

You can find follow my clients journey’s on Instagram and Facebook @sallystrengf , hit like on my socials and send me a message about your fitness journey and if you mention code word SUMO SALAD then I would love to take you through a free ME Consult.


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