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Sumo’s purpose is to fuel greatness through the power of  food. Such a big purpose can’t be achieved working alone, so we collaborate with people and brands across the ‘wellness ecosystem’ who align with our values and our goals. Our Sumo contributors are some of the leading thought leaders from across the wellness spectrum: food, exercise, sleep, health data, analytics and technology. We draw upon their expertise and experience and ask them to deliver cutting-edge insights into the issues that you, our community, are facing in your life right now.

Through the sharing of interviews, articles, videos, these contributors have been instrumental in the Sumo brand becoming synonymous with providing fresh, healthy and actionable advice to keep you well.

Would you like to contribute?  Idea for article and submissions should be made via email to:


All contributions will be published at the discretion of the editor.

The Detail

When submitting an article, please provide the following:

  • A well-written, thought-provoking, unique article that is the submitted in a clean word or Google document. Please make sure you’ve proofread it.
  • An author biography of 2-3 sentences, including name, title and workplace
  • A high resolution headshot of the author
  • An article summary of up to 30 words
  • Relevant images and diagrams, with captions and credits where possible.

Consider also:

  • Relevance and applicable to the Sumo audience, focusing on issues, insights and topics that are relevant to a mainstream audience, many of whom are health conscious and time-poor
  • It can’t be an advertisement – the article must be of genuine use to the reader. It’s acceptable to refer to a product, business or case study, but this must be presented in an unbiased and informative way
  • You must ensure that rights are cleared for the publication of the text and images
  • Be unique and show personality. Posts that show personality and individual voices are encouraged. We love unique perspectives and narratives bursting with personal insight.
  • Time-lines – the editor works to a three month forward schedule, but we have flexibility
  • Style. Articles should be written in a website style, with the main point of the article highlighted in the introduction. The style needs to be clear, concise and straightforward, avoiding jargon and industry speak, as well as long, complicated words.
  • Include extra information/key take-aways. Include advice for further reading or extra relevant information/tips that could be used
  • Word count tends to be between 400-800 words in length and concise as online attention spans are short. Use bolded sub-headings to guide your readers through the article. Include additional links to external sites where it’s going to make the content more valuable.
  • Keywords – highlight the keywords and phrases to optimise the article to be found via Google and other search engines
  • All articles will go through an editing process and may be amended due to clarity, grammar,
  • In submitting an article, the author licences SumoSalad to publish the article on the SumoSalad website and across our newsletters and social media platforms.
  • In addition, SumoSalad is authorised to give permission for the reproduction of the article in part or whole for educational and training purposes.


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