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As the temperature drops and the days grow shorter, sticking to healthy habits and summer activity routines can be a challenge. Walking, jogging or cycling outside can be one of the best ways to soak up the natural beauty of this time of year, when leaves turn to autumnal shades of red, yellow and orange.

However, there will likely be some days where outdoor physical activity won’t be an option for you; We also understand that we need to mix things up and try new things to keep your schedule exciting during the colder months. The solution? We’ve have rounded up 5 cool activities to chase away the chill this autumn!

Have a go at aerial yoga
Mastered traditional yoga? Or decided it isn’t adventurous enough for you? Well, why not try out aerial yoga? It combines traditional yoga poses, pilates, dance and aerial arts to form a challenging workout that involves being suspended in a trapeze-like hammock. It is a low-impact, big result work out. You’ll feel taller, more flexible and a whole lot more yoga zen after. Namaste.

Spice up your life
Swap Netflix for salsa classes at one of the many Latin dance schools around Australia. Grab a partner (or even go solo!) and bring your best moves to one of the beginners’ classes. Learn to dance, get active, meet new friends and most importantly, have fun!

Hit the Sumo Soup Bar
While this is more a treat for your taste buds than a social activity, it’s definitely one to add to your diary! Think NYC, lower East-side. Every day at SumoSalads across Australia you’ll find at least 10 new styles of soup, from healthy kale and quinoa, hearty beef and veg, to Malaysian laksa. Once you’ve made your choice, just ask for the soup you want, and you can add all the toppings you love, including croutons, parmesan or bacon and more. Nothing goes better with soup than delicious, crusty bread so choose from white, wholemeal and sourdough, and toast your bread for that extra crunch.  You’ll feel good from your tummy to your soul!

Take a leap of faith
Indoor trampoline parks have been popping up everywhere and for good reason; they are the perfect way to have fun and exercise at the same time. They have multiple zones, so you can bounce off the walls, from side to side, and into a giant foam pit (good luck getting out!). Once you’re tired of jumping, why not join in a dodgeball game or even basketball. Take gym gear because you are guaranteed to work up a sweat!

Go indoor climbing
The beauty of indoor rock climbing is that it can be done at any time, in any weather, by anyone. There’s always a range of rock-walls to choose from depending on your experience and fitness level. Though, whichever you choose you’re sure to get a solid session, with each muscle getting a good workout. Grab your friends and get the heart rate up with some time trial climbs!



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