Head Chef Kim Wiggins Reveals Our Amazing New Autumn Menu

15.03.18 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

While the beach days aren’t quite done yet and there’s still warmth in the air, the arrival of Autumn can already be felt in the brisk edge of an evening breeze or reaching for a jacket instead of a tee…the transformative, moody and divinely delicious season is here.

The new season brings new seasonal produce, new flavours and ingredient inspirations for us to use to create beautiful dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner; meals for Fuelling Greatness® in your life from morning to night.

Our Head Chef Kim has been traversing the nation to source the finest fresh produce and latest food trends to create our best menu yet; hearty, nourishing, packed with flavour and wholefood goodness. Her seasonal spread includes an abundance of amazing vegetables including cruciferous vegetables. What are they you ask? Cruciferous vegetables include things like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower and have anti-inflammatory capabilities, helping to detoxify the body. They also offer high levels of magnesium that helps to boost your energy and relax your muscles.

Autumn also heralds the emergence of moody root vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, leeks and beetroot that are a wonderful, healthy and colourful addition to soups, stews, salads, pretty much anything.

Sumo Head Chef Kim Wiggins has channelled her passion for these fresh, seasonal ingredients into the creation our new autumn menu. Packed with nourishing nutrition and terrific taste, we’ve no doubt you’re going to fall in love with Sumo all over again this season (just like those dark leather boots!).

So sit back and get inspired as Head Chef Kim Wiggins Reveals Our Amazing New Autumn Menu:

Q. As the weather starts to cool down, what does this mean for the new Autumn menu?
A. We have been working hard to create nourishing healthy warm dishes to add to our deli cabinet as the cool weather approaches. Our focus is on making healthier versions of mainstream favourites that deliver on taste and satiety.

Q. What can customers look forward to?
A. The Commando Nourish Bowl! We are very excited to be working again with health and fitness expert Commando Steve, who has helped create a protein-packed autumn nourish bowl. It contains mesclun lettuce, broccoli, brown rice and quinoa, roasted pumpkin, boiled egg, haloumi, pepitas and then the protein of your choice topped off with Japanese and miso dressing.

This year we are launching the Superfood Broccoli Pesto Pasta, a new pasta dish made with a whole head of raw broccoli as the base of a healthy anti-oxidant-rich pesto. This is tossed into cooked Casarecce pasta, chilli and then topped with parmesan cheese – Yum! What’s best about this dish? You can have it hot or cold depending on the weather.

Also, new for autumn we have created a Vegetarian Chili Con Carne made with warming spices cumin, turmeric, smoked paprika and chilli and packed with vegetables including carrots, pumpkin, zucchini and tomatoes plus healthy pulses to power you through your day.

Q. What are your favourite ingredients to use for the autumn menu?
A. Definitely, broccoli as it comes into season during the colder months. It’s from the cruciferous family that includes cauliflowers, which I also love in autumn.

Q. What is your favourite dish on the new menu and why?
A. Even though I love them all, the Superfood Broccoli Pesto Pasta would have to be my new favourite dish! I love it because my 4-year-old son loves it and he doesn’t even know it’s healthy – so perfect for those picky eaters trying to sneak some goodness into their diet.

Q. Are there any new tasty food trends we should look out for?
A. People love personalisation! Customers are becoming more educated on food and everyone likes to eat it their own way. At Sumo, we have a made-to-order salad bar so it’s easy to personalise your salad your way – no restrictions, total freedom and flexibility. Our Commando Nourish Bowls feature personalised meat or plant-powered protein; the perfect options for autumn.


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