5 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

27.06.17 Eat, Grow, Play Blog SumoSalad

The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a vital party of everyday life for all of us. During winter, the seasonal change can make this goal harder to achieve with wild weather, shorter daylight hours and lower immune systems all becoming obstacles during the colder months.

Thankfully we’ve rounded up the top five steps you can take to ensure you stay in tip-top shape this winter!

Exercise Indoors
Exercising is a crucial part of staying healthy, although having to exercise out in colder temperatures can decrease motivation (and can be pretty uninviting, to be honest). To get your blood pumping and increase those endorphins, create a routine you can do in the comfort of your own home (like our 20 Minute Lunch Time Work Out, minus the sprints) and skip those early morning gym starts which are all the more difficult during winter. You can also jump onto Youtube and search a range of yoga, boxing, core exercise and cardio routines; all free and perfect for indoor training.

Get Some Z’s
Can you sleep your way to better health? Yes you can! Another simple yet effective tip in staying healthy this winter includes maintaining your sleeping schedule. Not getting enough slumber can cause symptoms including lack of concentration, drowsiness and a decrease in energy. A suitable healthy timeframe of sleep includes 7-9 hours per night, which will leave you with greater sense of awareness, energy and overall healthy lifestyle. Sweet dreams!

Flu Shots
No, it’s not cheating – especially if you’re prone to getting ill during winter when the growing number of cold and flu symptoms is heightened! Making an appointment with your local GP and having an influenza vaccination is a simple and effective measure to keep the dreaded flu at bay and reduces the risk of illness by 60%.

Go H20
Drinking plenty of water is key to staying healthy this winter. Hot temperatures remind us that we are thirsty, so it can be easily forgotten in the cooler winter months.  Having an adequate amount of water will increase health benefits including increased energy, improved skin complexion and a stronger immune system.

Eat Delicious + Nutritious
A nutritional and balanced diet is the core of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and should be practised year round but is especially important during winter.  Here at Sumo we source the freshest local ingredients to create our dishes and our hot and hearty winter menu is packed immunity-boosting produce (special shout out to our healthy range of soups including Kale, Quinoa & Veg, Hearty Beef and Thai Chicken).You can also design your own winter creation and order ahead via the My Sumo app So get creating! Download the My Sumo App for iPhone here and Andriod here.



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