4 Flexitarian Foods To Keep You Warm This Winter

24.05.18 Eat, Learn Blog SumoSalad

As the temperature drops, it’s all too easy to be tempted by fried or fatty foods to satisfy your hunger and chase away the chill…but during winter your body needs healthy nutrition more than ever to keep you energised and invigorated throughout the colder months.

With our NEW Winter Menu due to hit stores next Wednesday we’re busy putting the finishing touches to some of our #healthified winter classics and we’ve also extended our product range with Commando – look out in your inbox next week for all you need to know about our latest menu creations!

By including wholefood ingredients loaded with nutrients, antioxidants and immune-boosting powers into your everyday meals, you’ll give your body all the fuel it needs to keep you warm and power your greatness as you chase away the chill.

Brown Rice & Whole Grains
Add a serve of brown rice and quinoa. This healthy complex carb takes longer for your body to digest, resulting in an extended release of energy and (you guessed it) heat! Since brown rice and quinoa and other whole grain sources are slowly metabolised, they’re a great choice for chasing away the cold and staying full for longer.

Sumo Solution: Try our Commando Nourish Bowls:  Leafy greens, broccoli, brown rice & quinoa, free-range egg, pumpkin, haloumi, pepitas and your choice of meat or plant-based protein!

Herbs & Spices
Turmeric, ginger and garlic (along with a host of other spices) all pack heat. They boost your metabolism and also carry all sorts of benefits to help keep winter colds at bay. Ginger promotes blood flow; literally helping to keep you warm from your nose to your toes. Turmeric is also rich in antioxidants and is seen as one of the best warming herbs because it helps to tighten tissues and absorb excess moisture. By adding these thermogenic warming spices to our favourite dishes, it can help to raise our body’s core temperature and keep us warm.

Sumo Solution: Kale, Quinoa & Vege Soup -Stocked with superfood powered veggies as well as winter warming spices chilli, cumin, turmeric and paprika.

Lean Proteins
One of the reasons why your hands and feet may feel cold during the winter is because of an iron deficiency. Lean meats like beef, chicken, fish and plant-based proteins like falafel all require more heavy lifting from our digestive system to fuel your internal heater. Proteins are also rich in iron, a nutrient that you need to carry energy and warmth throughout your body; it strengthens your sinews and bones, so if you feel cold to the bone, you may need more protein in your diet.

Sumo Solution: Whether you prefer your protein meat or plant-based, we’ve got you covered at Sumo. Try a Teriyaki Beef Grain Bowl or Chicken Kaleslaw from the deli.

Superfood Pastas
Pasta is a fantastic winter dish and with the right ingredients, it can be super(food) good for you too! Adding fresh winter greens like broccoli and kale to your favourite pasta dishes increases your intake of folate, potassium and vitamins C, giving you a superfood and antioxidant boost to help you fight off cold and flu and fuel your body from the inside out.

Sumo Solution: Try our Superfood Broccoli Pesto Pasta made with a whole head of raw broccoli as the base of a healthy anti-oxidant-rich pesto.


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