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It’s the life-changing lifestyle trend sweeping Australia and it’s obvious we’re very excited about the amazing new flexitarian movement here at Sumo.

Never before has there been such a flexible, easy and delicious way of eating that’s been scientifically proven to prevent disease, aid weight loss and increase energy for people of all ages and fitness levels. It’s about enjoying the natural foods you love, reducing meat consumption without excluding it and embracing the freedom to indulge without feeling guilty!

In short: it’s no wonder Australians are falling in love with the flexitarian approach to food.

Whether you’re an avid flexitarian fan, have just started trying it out or are yet to give it a go, it’s important to understand the benefits of this versatile new approach to food…so get inspired today for a better tomorrow with Four Reasons To Try The Flexitarian Movement!

1. Disease Prevention & A Longer, Healthier Life
We’ve discussed this before but it’s such good news we have to share it again! A flexitarian lifestyle reduces the risk of many chronic illnesses including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. By reducing your consumption of meat and dairy products and loading up on natural whole foods you are increasing your opportunities for a long, happier and healthier life.

2. Good For Your Gut
It’s increasingly clear that the composition of your gut bacteria influences the risk for many health problems, from obesity and type-2 diabetes and even certain autoimmune diseases. Our guts have 100 trillion bacteria, most of them “good” bacteria. Unfortunately, those good bacteria are starving due to our reliance on fast food, simple carbohydrates and saturated fats, instead of adequate plant-based fibre.

Upping the amount of plant-based food in your diet is said to help improve gastrointestinal health by providing fibre to help feed the good gut bacteria. It is understood that what we eat directly impacts on our overall health, including gut health, immunity and mental health!

3. A Healthier Mental Mindset For Food
When it comes to strict diets, many of us put far too much pressure on ourselves and what we eat. Pressures around body image and physical appearance lead to stress and anxiety which can develop into mental and physical health issues. Instead of restricting yourself and feeling guilty when you break your diet rules, the flexitarian approach is a great start to having a more balanced approach to your relationship with food.

4. Help Save The Planet
Adopting a more plant-based diet can dramatically lower our carbon footprint. From the transportation of animals to the vast quantities of methane gas released by livestock and huge amounts of water required as well as the amount of land used for the process, eating meat drastically affects our planet. 
Being flexitarian is not only better for your health but better for the environment!


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