20 Minute Lunch Time Work Out

24.09.16 Grow Blog SumoSalad

It’s the tale as old as time. You fully planned to make that yoga class or gym session before work but your alarm didn’t go off or the snooze button was just too tempting or you couldn’t find your keys and missed the train so you missed your fitness time too.

Or perhaps you’re getting started on a journey to a healthier you and are looking to include some exercise into your day but don’t want to jump straight in the deep end with hour long gym sessions..

Well, we’ve got good news. No matter how jam-packed your daily schedule is we’ve got the ultimate 20-minute lunch time work out to get your blood pumping, endorphins soaring and invigorate your body and mind!

You can either do these as a circuit in the order below or do each exercise for 4 minutes and move onto the next. Just make sure you complete 20 minutes of exercise in total to feel the full benefits…


1The Push Up
A classic exercise that will tone arm muscle and increase shoulder strength. If you’re new to the game and find a traditional push up too difficult you can drop your knees to the ground.


2. The Plank
Position yourself at the top of a push up position and freeze. Make sure you squeeze in your butt and stomach to tighten. Hold position and feel the burn.


3. The Squat
Your favourite jeans will look even better after a few of these bad boys. Stand perfectly straight and place your hands behind your head. Keeping your upper body vertical, bend at the knees and stick out your butt as you lower to the ground. Repeat.


4. The Sprint
Select a landmark in the distance like a lamp post or building. Sprint as fast as you can. Once you reach your destination, pause for 1 second and sprint back. Repeat.


5. The Crunch
Want a tight tummy? Abs-olutely! Lie on your back with your feet flat on the ground, creating a triangle with your legs. Bright your upper body up so your chin almost touches your knees without your legs or feet moving. Repeat.


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