• 18.08.15 Eat

    Recipe: Creamy Broccoli & Chicken Soup for School

    Keep teachers sane and your children (or yourself) feeling happy and charged with energy at school by making conscious choices about the food going into their lunch box. I’ve been inspired by SumoSalad’s soups this winter to share a new favourite recipe of my own. Sumo’s $2 Soup Slammer is a perfect snack size for […]

  • 16.07.15 Grow, Learn

    5 Ways to a Happy & Mindful Winter

     “If you want happiness…  For an hour – take a nap For a day – go fishing For a year – get married For a lifetime – help somebody else” – Old Chinese Proverb  Winter is a time of year that can present challenges for many, including loss of motivation, lack of healthy choices and […]

  • 09.04.15 Learn

    Keep your Summer Buzz this Winter

    As we move closer towards the winter months, Kerrie Otto de Grancy has provided us with two great tips to make sure you stay positive in winter and keep yourself in the best mood possible! Kerrie writes… This winter, it’s important that we check in with how we feel and to make sure we move into the colder […]

  • 18.03.15 Eat

    Recipe: Coconut and Roasted Almond Ice Cream

    Food is a lot of people’s therapy – when we say comfort food, we really mean that. It’s releasing dopamine and serotonin in your brain that makes you feel good. – Brett Hoebel It is a natural desire to crave comfort. Whether being active in comfortable shoes, resting in a comfortable seat or that special kind […]

  • 03.03.15 Learn

    5 Simple Stress Relief Tips

    Modern living has a very different set of stressors than those of our ancient predecessors, yet our biochemistry knows no differently.  When we encounter stress our bodies release cortisol, our adrenalin kicks in, our breathing shallows and our heart rate increases enabling us to physically respond quickly. The reaction we have is a fight or […]