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After a workout your muscles are craving nutrients and a high protein/high simple carb meal has been shown to deliver superior muscle-building results.

Research has shown you may boost protein synthesis (growth) immediately after your training by consuming a fast-digesting protein.

When you're working out, your muscles use up their glycogen stores for fuel. After your workout, your body tries to rebuild its glycogen stores and repair and regrow those muscle proteins.

Eating the right nutrients soon after you exercise can help your body get this done faster. It is particularly important to eat protein and carbs after your workout.

Consuming protein after an intense workout gives your body the amino acids it needs to repair and rebuild proteins. It also gives you the building blocks required to grow new muscle tissue.

It’s recommended that you consume 0.14–0.23 grams of protein per pound of body weight (0.3–0.5 grams/kg) very soon after a workout.(1)

Research has shown that ingesting 20–40 grams of protein seems to maximize the body’s ability to recover after exercise.(5, 6, 7)

Whts the key benefits of the super clean paleo salad?

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