Empowerment through facing your fears

Why losing doesn’t suck

Here’s what you need to know about following your dreams. It’s harder than anything you’ll ever do, because you’re putting yourself out there in a way you’ve never done before. And it won’t always turn out the way you had planned.

Or, as UFC star Ronda Rousey told me when I interviewed her for this month’s issue of Cleo magazine, “You need to be willing to get your heart broken”.

When I set out to fight in my first mixed martial arts match, I really wanted to win. I didn’t.  Looking back, there was no way I could’ve won knowing what I know now: my opponent already had four years of fighting experience against my seven months of training. It wasn’t a fair match up.

A few months later, Richie Vas and I got talking about how there’s something great in every loss. Who I am after my MMA experience is someone who’s stronger, empowered and more determined than I was beforehand. There’s nothing in my job that feels too hard. No conversation too difficult. After all, I survived a cage fight! And my career has taken a huge boost because of it. I’m also taking all the lessons I learnt from training to win my first boxing fight. Even Ronda told me that not winning in the Olympics was heart-breaking at the time, but it taught her everything she needed to became the highest paid UFC fighter in the world.

You cannot lose by putting yourself out there. What might seem like a disappointment at the time is only prepping you for something more incredible that you initially expected. Promise.  We’d love to know what#empoweringyou

PS My boyfriend, who I met at boxing, recently proposed to me on my birthday! How’s that for a happy ending?

Lizza Gebilagin is the deputy editor of CLEO magazine. Watch her face her fears in the Fight Like A Girl documentary series.