• How to make a chia seed pet
    05.11.14 Grow, Play

    How To: Make Your Own Chia Pet

    While Chia seeds are making a comeback, it isn’t in the way that many 80s and 90s kids remember them. Back in the glory days, chia seeds weren’t for eating, they were for crafting! Chia pets had a variety of incarnations, but our fond memories are of the homemade creatures are made from mum’s old […]

  • Weekly Wrap-Up
    31.10.14 Play

    Sumo’s Weekly Wrap-Up: 31st October

    Halloween Make-Up Ideas Stuck for a costume idea for Halloween tonight? Look no further than your make-up kit! Napoleon Perdis have put together a few killer looks, including this absolutely adorable Bambi look. Top it off with this fancy manicure and you won’t be the only one doe eyed (pun 100% intended). Fast Foods Imitating […]

  • My other car is a bike
    30.10.14 Learn, Play

    Why My Other Car is a Bike: Top 5 Benefits of Cycling

    You may not know, but I’m a passionate bike rider. Although I try to avoid walking around the office in lycra, I have been leaving the car and riding more to work over the past few months and I’ve really been enjoying it. It’s a great way to spend your commute as you’re actively doing […]

  • Urban gardens
    27.10.14 Grow, Learn

    Permaculture: Solving the World’s Problems, One Garden at a Time

    When I speak with Mandy Stubbs on a Sydney spring morning, she is busy in the kitchen. “I’m just making a pineapple cake,” she says casually. “I’ve got some pineapple which isn’t that good, so I decided to make a cake with it.” It’s this initial comment that lets me know that this woman is serious […]

  • Weekly Wrap-Up
    24.10.14 Play

    Sumo’s Weekly Wrap-Up: 24th October

    This week we’ve been impressed by hybrid fruit and animal artworks, watched dogs and cats be inappropriate, found a kitchen solution, and read MORE about coffee on the Weekly Wrap-Up. Let’s get into it! Animals as Fruit Here’s something that will cause conflict for animal and fruit lovers out there – cute animals crossed with delicious fruit. […]