• 23.09.15 Grow

    Mark Mathews: The Dream Was to be Paid to Surf

    A lot of people wouldn’t believe Mark Mathews when he tells them he was terrified of the ocean as a kid. They definitely wouldn’t believe him when he says his mum had to rescued him from the surf on several occasions, but that’s what makes his story so remarkable. Determined to overcome his fear and […]

  • 16.09.15 Grow

    The Surprising Benefit of Facing Your Fears

     When it comes to MMA fighting, a lot of people might not realise what it takes to be a contender in the sport.  Not only do you need to be strong and physically fit but there is a real mental strength that comes with the discipline too. With boxing and MMA disciplines gaining a lot of attention recently (Ronda […]

  • Empowering You This Spring

    At SumoSalad this spring we have launched a new range of Sumo™ Cold Pressed Juices, specially crafted to get the best out of the raw fruits and vegetables in each bottle. Inspired by getting the best out of our juice, we also want to help get the best out of you! To help you achieve this we have […]

  • Recipe: Spring Lemon & Rosemary Chicken Kebabs

    This spring at SumoSalad we are all about Empowering You. To help you get the most out of your spring, we have put together some quick, easy and of course, healthy recipes that might mean a little less time in the kitchen and a little more time enjoying the sunshine. Here is a little creation from […]

  • 04.09.15 Eat, Learn

    What is Cold Pressed Juice

    SumoSalad’s new Sumo™ Cold Pressed Juice has hit stores nationally this spring with 4 delicious & refreshing flavours, but what even IS cold pressed juice, and what’s so good about it? We’re here to tell you all about it, and share the benefits with you! Our Cold Pressed Juice Process: Retains natural minerals & enzymes Only 100% […]