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  • 09.02.15 Eat, Learn

    10 Foods to Help De-Stress

    The beginning of a work week can often bring with it a range of stressors, depending on what your next 7 days look like. Instead of reaching for chocolate and lollies when the inevitable stress-out hits, we’ve put together a list of 10 healthy stress-relieving alternatives for you to munch on. Enjoy with or without […]

  • 03.02.15 Learn

    Detox Your Life: Part 2

    If you have actioned the first part of Detox Your Life you will be feeling the benefits and be ready to take the next step to revamp your wardrobe! What we wear, just like what we eat, can affect our mood and how we feel. Fashion is fun, personal and a wonderful form of self-expression, however […]

  • 21.01.15 Learn, Play

    Top 10 Benefits of Smiling

    We’re in pursuit of finding the best ways to lift your mood this season at SumoSalad with the most natural and healthy methods we know! If you’ve been feeling a bit flat lately, rather than downing a bunch of supplements why not try one of the best natural therapies available; smiling! Anyone who’s watched Patch Adams […]

  • 20.01.15 Eat, Learn

    Detox Your Life: Part 1

    I love the start of a new year, I see it as a great time to detox your life, set goals and use the following 12 months to gauge the progress toward my greater goals. Over the next few weeks I’ll be taking you through some tips to clean out your diet, mind, wardrobe and outlook […]

  • Weekly Wrap-Up
    16.01.15 Eat, Play

    Sumo’s Weekly Wrap Up: 16th Jan

    Hello, and welcome to the first weekly wrap up of the new year! This week we launched our fabulous, funky-fresh new website. Welcome! We hope you think it is as great as we do, especially when it comes to finding all the good stuff like where to eat Sumo & what to eat on your next […]