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  • Luke's Design Your Own Salad
    18.12.14 Eat

    Design Your Own: Luke’s Clean Green Machine Salad

    Want to order like the big boss next time you’re in store at SumoSalad? We caught up with the man himself, our co-founder Luke Baylis, to see what his favourite Design Your Own blend is. Luke’s blend includes stamina boosting beetroot, immunity champs carrots and snow peas, and some extra energy from grilled chicken and brown rice […]

  • Fitness trends for 2015

    3 Fitness Trends 2015

    We’ve trawled the fitness world for you and from what we’ve learnt, next year’s fitness trends are all about going back to basics and saving money on gym memberships. After a Christmas feast & credit cards to clear that sounds like good news to us! Without further ado, here is what you’ll be getting physical with… 1. […]

  • the lighter side of Christmas
    16.12.14 Eat, Learn

    Light Meals for In-between Festivities

    In the lead up to Christmas it’s easy to get carried away with tempting indulgences, mince pies, candy canes, Christmas ham, brandy sauce and champagne or beer! Like all things in life moderation is key. As long as our healthy choices remain habitual and the not so healthy indulgences are only occasional you can immerse […]

  • Traditional Christmas Lunch
    10.12.14 Eat

    Traditional Christmas Salads

    It’s hard to believe that another year is coming to an end! With only two weeks left until Christmas, there’s no doubt you are starting to think about what you’ll be serving up on the day for your guests (or hoping to be served for those lucky enough to not be cooking!). We thought we’d […]

  • 04.12.14 Play

    12 Vintage Crimes Against Salad

    Salad hasn’t always enjoyed the fresh, tasty and respectful treatment that we give it here at SumoSalad. Oh no, there were dark, dark days when it was mixed with jelly, moulded into shapes, or just plain slabs of lettuce. Salad was to be seen and not tasted. Join us in marveling at these crimes against […]