Customer Story – Jurgen and Laetitia

Customers Jurgen and Laetitia share their weight loss story, and how SumoSalad became an integral part of their new healthy lifestyle.

You are what you eat

 Three years ago, after suffering from various, potentially serious health issues, I decided  that surgery was not necessarily the best and only solution, and that perhaps the answer lay in my lifestyle and the food that I ate.   I did not consider myself to be overweight  (1.78 M tall, 89Kg) but felt that losing weight would make it easier for me to cope,  by putting less strain on my body, and that if the body was given a chance and the right healthy environment, it could perhaps start the healing process.

I went on a 2 week herbal detox, started exercising regularly and changed my diet, cutting out all processed foods, sugar, salt and carbohydrates, replacing them with real, whole food, vegetables, salads, fruit.

My wife followed what I was eating and together we took control of our health and well-being. I lost just over 20Kg in a 2 month period . My wife lost close to 30Kg over 4 months. We are both back to the weight that we enjoyed, when we got married 18 years ago.  Losing weight has done a lot for our confidence, our marriage and love life. We both have more energy & vitality and for my wife,  regaining her petite size 8 figure , has done wonders for her self-esteem, but left a hole in my wallet when one considers  the costs of having to purchase a whole new wardrobe!!

What you put in, you get out

 Before embarking on our new, healthy lifestyle, we used to eat a lot of fat & sugar laden “fast foods” and regularly used to frequent the “fast food court” at the local shopping centre.  It was there that we  first noticed Sumo Salad.   We were attracted by the beautiful way that their salads were presented, clearly very fresh, using the finest, most wholesome, natural ingredients.  The owner manager was very friendly to us and told us about the goodness of the ingredients  and the philosophy behind them.

We decided therefore to forego our regular “American style” burger & fries for a healthy, green alternative.  SumoSalad was, and still is, instrumental in our being able to not only lose weight, but also to be able to regain our health & vitality.  SumoSalad made it much easier for us to kick our unhealthy eating habits and to switch to a healthier alternative.

If one were to put diesel into a petrol car, or vice versa, you would find that the car would not operate as designed to do so, and that there may be mechanical damage as a result.   One can say the same about your body.   Consume the wrong ‘foods’ and this may impact negatively on one’s health & vitality.  Humans were not designed to eat processed, preservative laden food, which is why modern day man is so plagued with diseases & health issues.

We all have the choice as to what we eat and at the end of the day if one eats the wrong foods, resulting in obesity and health issues, there is only one person to blame. Yourself!


 Our progress has not gone unnoticed. Not only have friends and colleagues made positive comments, but so has the manager/owner of the SumoSalad Bar that we visit on a regular basis (when we do our weekly shopping).  He has pointed us out to his staff, making mention of our weight loss and saying what great role models we are.  Other customers, at the SumoSalad Bar,  have taken note of us and have asked us how we managed to do so well.

Every time that we visit the SumoSalad Bar, the owner/manager remarks at how good we are looking and it’s this verbal support and acknowledgement that has kept us going and given us the willpower to keep it up.

SumoSalad has been a useful resource in our regaining our health & vitality.

– Jurgen & Laetitia