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  • 05.03.14 Eat, Learn

    Why I love cooking with coconut oil

    I’m often questioned about what oils to use in cooking, and I always reply with, “that’s simple as I only use one (apart from lard, beef tallow and duck fat from ethically raised animals).Virgin Coconut Oil!”  Plus I of course use an organic, cold pressed, virgin olive oil for pouring after cooking to add flavour […]

  • Urban gardens
    04.03.14 Eat, Grow, Learn

    Grow your own veggie garden

      The fresh herb and veggie garden is a huge hit in my house. Every day, the kids and I will go and pick a bunch of fresh ingredients, such as kale, coriander, and beetroot, to whip up a new master piece (well, try). If the kids approve of my creation, then I know it’s […]

  • 03.03.14 Learn

    Sleep deprivation can lead to obesity

    As a dietitian, I often see people who can only be described as busy. They may be juggling kids, a full time job as well as some volunteer work or a semi-decent sporting career. Like most of us, when things get busy, the first thing to go is usually the 7-9hrs of shut eye we’re […]

  • Breaky bowl
    18.02.14 Learn

    Lunch is the new breakfast

    Lunch is the new breakfast: A dietitian & a fitness coach say lunch is as important as breakfast.  Here are their 8 tips for staying healthy throughout summer. Read the full article here.

  • 12.02.14 Learn

    Free range chicken

    SumoSalad announced that the brand is making a switch to free-range chicken beginning on 30 January 2014 across all stores, in response to a growing customer concern for animal welfare. Read the full article here.