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  • 21.05.15 Learn

    A Way Out of a Life with Fear: Sofia’s Story

    “I am so happy I now have my own little space to call home – free from abuse and safe to live the rest of my life happily. I don’t need to rely on anyone, and I have my freedom, a freedom I never thought I’d get.” – Sofia At an age where many women […]

  • 19.05.15 Learn

    DIY Care Kits to Brighten Someone’s Day

    Part of experiencing homelessness can often mean that you are not able to afford what many of us would regard as essential items, like toothpaste, deodorant or tissues. Your priorities shift to pure survival. Many people are hesitant to give money directly to people they see on the streets, however another way you can help is by […]

  • 13.05.15 Learn

    How to Talk to Invisible People

    “Just the feeling inside when people walk past me… they look away, you know, like they can’t see me. Like I’m not there.” – Client of Matthew Talbot Homeless Services When people experiencing homelessness are asked what they want or miss the most, the answer may surprise you. While money is definitely a necessity in helping […]

  • 29.04.15 Learn

    #heatupthestreet with SumoSalad & Vinnies this Winter

    At SumoSalad we’ve always believed in eating good to feel good. This winter we’re taking it to the next level to eat good, feel good and do good by heating up the streets. We believe everyone should have the right to good food no matter what their circumstances. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Vinnies […]

  • 17.04.15 Eat, Grow, Learn

    Introducing: SumoSalad Green Label

    Food with Purpose is all about seasonality, localisation and education. Green Label sources all its produce ethically, using local suppliers and Australian made products. We have collaborated with well-known leaders in the food industry including Chobani, Riverina, Tassal and Inside Out just to name a few. This new concept store is where we will experiment with […]