• 05.11.15 Eat, Learn


    Living in Australia we are incredibly fortunate to have access to most of the world’s finest produce and be exposed to culinary delights from all cultures. Experimenting with texture, flavour and smell is a great way to practice eating mindfully. The more present we are when we prepare and consume our food the more likely […]

  • 29.10.15 Eat, Learn


      Spring and summer certainly inspire creativity in all areas of my life right into the kitchen. Playing with colour, texture and flavours. The recent heat wave of 30+ temperatures has had me craving light, fresh flavours. Fish and salad is always a wonderful food choice especially during the warmer months. A solid hit of […]

  • 15.10.15 Eat, Learn

    How to Stay Healthy When Working Night Shifts

    Staying healthy and eating right takes work to get in a habit, but for those who work late nights, this can be even more difficult. Working night shift or working irregular hours means that you don’t always have time to have a routine around cooking your own meals, going to your favourite yoga class or even […]

  • 14.10.15 Eat, Learn

    Recipe: Crispy Goats Curd, Super Berry & Pistachio Pomegranate Salad

    Time to spring into action, the warmer weather is upon us and with it comes many outdoor activities and upcoming festivities. Supercharge yourself with a gorgeous superfood, nutrient rich salad with multiple textures and flavours combining warm and cold temperatures to engage all the senses. I have used a combination of my favourite flavours, textures […]

  • 08.10.15 Eat, Learn

    Don’t Count Calories, Make the Calories Count

    We have heard it all when it comes to diets: the cabbage soup diet, the lemon detox diet, the baby food diet, the apple cider vinegar diet, the list goes on. A lot of us know someone who has tried at least one of these, the truth is it’s pretty hard to turn most of these […]