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  • 17.04.15 Eat, Grow, Learn

    Introducing: SumoSalad Green Label

    Food with Purpose is all about seasonality, localisation and education. Green Label sources all its produce ethically, using local suppliers and Australian made products. We have collaborated with well-known leaders in the food industry including Chobani, Riverina, Tassal and Inside Out just to name a few. This new concept store is where we will experiment with […]

  • 02.03.15 Grow, Learn

    Hydroponic Garden Launch at PermaPatch

    As part of SumoSalad’s commitment to making healthy food more accessible to the wider community, we have partnered with the Lane Cove community garden, PermaPatch, and hydroponic system builders, Hydromasta, to build a sustainable and efficient garden wall to grow varieties of lettuce and strawberries. We were very pleased to see the official launch of […]

  • How to make a chia seed pet
    05.11.14 Grow, Play

    How To: Make Your Own Chia Pet

    While Chia seeds are making a comeback, it isn’t in the way that many 80s and 90s kids remember them. Back in the glory days, chia seeds weren’t for eating, they were for crafting! Chia pets had a variety of incarnations, but our fond memories are of the homemade creatures are made from mum’s old […]

  • Urban gardens
    27.10.14 Grow, Learn

    Permaculture: Solving the World’s Problems, One Garden at a Time

    When I speak with Mandy Stubbs on a Sydney spring morning, she is busy in the kitchen. “I’m just making a pineapple cake,” she says casually. “I’ve got some pineapple which isn’t that good, so I decided to make a cake with it.” It’s this initial comment that lets me know that this woman is serious […]

  • Permaculture: It is totally the future
    20.10.14 Grow, Learn

    Permaculture Community Garden: a hidden gem

    As we traipsed down the Pacific Highway in the blazing afternoon sun, we were skeptical about whether we had come to right place. ‘Opposite the Great Northern Hotel, just behind the Uniting Church’, was how our PermaPatch representative, Colin Maltman, had described the location of the Permaculture Community Garden. As the cars burned past us, […]