• 03.02.14 Eat, Learn

    Luke Baylis – man with the health plan

    My crusade against unhealthy, but convenient eating options all started when I moved to the US in my twenties for a job in IT. After a few years I was climbing an uphill battle with weight gain, wrestling with an American lifestyle of super-sized this and super-sized that. I was always tired because I wasn’t […]

  • Potato Heart Source: Pixabay

    A healthy Valentine’s Day

    Why is it that every special occasion seems to be celebrated with food or alcohol? A friend told me the other day, that he has managed to lose 2 of the 3 kg that he gained over Christmas, yet it seems that around every corner is some sort of celebration or ceremony that requires us […]

  • 10.01.14 Eat, Learn, Play

    Healthy Goals for 2014

    Welcome to 2014! What have you got planned for this year? What goals have you set? Research shows that more than 50% of New Year resolutions made each year are based around weight loss. That’s probably not a big surprise to anyone, but how many of those people do you think actually achieve their goal? […]