• 29.11.17 Eat, Learn

    Now At Sumo: Keri Juice Blenders

    A liquid vitamin pill to supercharge your body! Are you looking for a shortcut that gives you maximum nutrients in one hit but then allows you to get on with your life? You have to try the new range of Keri Juice Blenders! With less sugar than regular fruit juices, Keri’s range includes a rainbow of […]

  • 16.11.17 Eat, Learn

    release the peace: 5 foods that fight stress!

    With the festive season fast approaching many people start to feel the effects of stress or anxiety start to creep into their daily routines. Juggling a long list of preparations, Christmas parties, gift shopping, kids being home on school holidays, the long list of festive season commitments – it can all be a little hectic. […]

  • 09.11.17 Eat, Learn

    Dr Zac’s 6 Flexitarian Superfoods You Need To Start Eating today!

    Superfoods: Popular wellness buzz word and often a source of confusion for many Aussies. What are superfoods really, and why do we need them? Sumo’s medical guru Dr Zac explains it all… Whilst there is no official definition of what makes a food a ‘super-food’, there is a general consensus that a superfood must contain […]

  • 01.11.17 Eat, Learn


    Australians are falling in love with the health and taste benefits of a flexitarian approach to food where we reduce meat consumption and increase the amount of incredible, natural whole foods in our diet by embracing more fresh fruit and vegetables in our daily diets. But what about the effect this diet has on your […]

  • 19.10.17 Eat


    Lisa Clark is an inspiring Australian with a lot on her plate. The Bondi-based television personality, blogger and style icon is passionate about spreading a positive message of empowerment for young women, living an action-packed healthy lifestyle and encouraging all Aussies to live life to the fullest as a writer for Fitness First magazine. Today she talks […]