• 29.11.16 Eat

    The Importance Of Shopping Sustainable Produce

    Most of us have heard of sustainable produce and have been told that shopping for sustainable goods is better for your personal health and the health of the planet. But how many of us actually know why it’s so important? Let’s look a little deeper… Sustainable agriculture is simply the creation of produce that doesn’t […]

  • 08.11.16 Eat

    Recipe | Avocado, Fetta, Walnut & Berries Salad

    With the abundance of fresh produce in season, spring is the perfect time to get creative in the kitchen and sometimes it’s the surprising ingredients that are the tastiest together. So why keep fruits and vegetables apart? Our chefs have combined the best of both worlds for you to whip up at home in no […]

  • 17.10.16 Eat, Grow

    We’ve listened, SumoSalad now 30% larger!

    They say a change is as good as a holiday and here at Sumo we’re all about changing the way Australians eat for the better. We’re passionate about bringing healthy and delicious food to you and working to make sure it’s great value for money too. So when we heard recently that our customers felt […]

  • 04.10.16 Eat

    Spotlight on Superfoods – Avocado

    Here at SumoSalad we’re passionate about superfoods and using them in delicious dishes every day of the year. But how well do you know your superfoods and why they’re so good for your health? Introducing our series Spotlight On Superfoods. The title says it all really – we’re going to start talking about key superfoods and […]

  • 26.07.16 Eat, Play


    Food wastage is an international issue with over 1 Trilion Dollars of salvageable food thrown away, and two thirds of that comes from 1st world countries. With so many starving across the globe, how can we correct the imbalance between food waste and the obvious need for food relief? The answer is education, and that’s […]