SumoSalad all started when our Co-Founders Luke Baylis and James Miller headed off on an American adventure in their early 20’s.

After quite a few too many super-sized feasts, the boys were hurtling down a greasy slope to super-sizing themselves. They loved the big portions but wanted something healthy too. Why couldn’t you get something filling that was also good for you?

Landing back on Aussie soil with excess baggage to shed, they knew they needed to lead the change. Epic, Sumo-sized portions of healthy, wholesome fast food, with a big taste to match. The first SumoSalad store was born in Sydney, 2003 and people went nuts (and grains) for it.

Over 100 stores later and with international locations in New Zealand, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, South America, and the USA, SumoSalad is tossing up the fast food industry leaving tomatoes, lettuce leaves and cucumbers all over the place!

Apart from worldwide domination, we’re also making sure we’re doing something good for the planet too. That means making every effort to source produce locally & ethically, and having fully compostable packaging that leaves nothing behind but feel-good vibes.

SumoSalad is delicious fast food that fuels your body with real purpose, not crap.




We’re pretty damn picky about what we put in our salads, so we carefully craft our menus for maximum choice and taste.

We like to think we’ve got something for everyone. Design Your Own is fully customisable, just like your wardrobe. Our Made to Order menu is fresh and taste-tested for awesomeness, and our Fast Food Fresh Deli has salads ready to go so you can see what you’re getting before it dances on your tastebuds.

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Food is our passion and if we could literally live and breathe it, we would. Instead we learn and innovate, serving up the very latest in food trends and nutritional needs.

Each salad is created in consultation with our team of experts, including top nutritionist Georgie Moore.